21 Styczeń 2014

Construction of Nature Education Centre at the UJ Campus

Nature Education Centre, heralded as a new flagship of the Jagiellonian University will be not just a museum but a modern center of education and popularization of science. Construction works on the future centre began in the spring of 2013. According to the schedule, NEC will be open in April 2014. The stage of roofing, insulation of the elevation, installation of exterior aluminum- glass joinery has already been completed. Exterior plasters were laid. Currently works are in progress connected with the installation of stone elevation, pouring of cement screed, distributing sanitary and electrical installations and erecting partition walls in dry-wall system. Simultaneously road works are carried out around the facility.
Inside the Nature Education Center several institutions will find their new location, namely Zoological and Geological Museums, exhibition of the Department of Anthropology of the University’s Institute of Zoology, and part of the paleobotanical exhibition of the Department of Botany .
The modern NEC stands on the campus of the Jagiellonian University, where RE-Bau already erected the building housing the Department of Zoology .
The construction and furnishing are funded almost in full with EU funds under the Programme “Development and Modernization of Didactic Infrastructure in the Fields of Science and Science UJ”.
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