27 November 2020

Construction of new AGH UST teaching facility is under way

The AGH UST Campus will soon see a new building capable of accommodating approximately 1600 persons. The new premises will be used mainly by the students and staff of the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and the Department of Foreign Languages.

The new 7-storey addition to the AGH UST Campus is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Centre of Energy and will be directly connected to it via a covered walkway. The building will be used by the University faculties and other units primarily for teaching purposes. It will house mainly computer labs for groups of 12–18 (14 rooms), teaching rooms for groups of 18–24 (20 rooms), lecture and seminar halls for 30 persons (7 rooms) and large lecture halls capable of seating – respectively – 50 and 80 persons each (10 rooms) as well as 3-4-person offices for research staff.

The new building, with its architectural and construction solutions reflecting those applied in the neighbouring Centre of Energy, will feature a facade made from glass and stone. The building’s usable area will be 4281 m2 with a volume of 27 880 m3. The new development will be erected in place of what is currently the parking facility opened at the previous stage of the investment project and will be linked to the existing buildings. Individual floors will be supplied with lavatories, utility rooms and the necessary passageways and points of access. Additionally, the connections with the existing premises will enable free access between all buildings marked “A” and “C”. Thus it will be possible to move between AGH UST’s Main Building (al. A. Mickiewicza 30) and other university facilities located as far as Czarnowiejska 36, without going outside.

The scheduled construction work should be completed within 15 months of signing the relevant agreement, which took place in mid-November. The total construction costs, according to the quote submitted by the Contractor (Kraków-based RE-BAU Sp. z o.o.) will be PLN 36 764 700. In the final months of the works the building will start receiving furniture and computer equipment.

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