RE-Bau is not just a reputable company implementing ambitious and prestigious projects as the General Contractor.

For the past years, following the modern strategy of company development, we have been taking an active part in a social life. Driven by the broadly defined responsibility, RE-Bau and its employees are involved in various initiatives which support local societies and culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the concept which RE-Bau consciously executes and understands as the investment which strengthens the company both inside and outside, obtaining social trust and respect.

We pay special attention to people: investors, partners and employees as we believe creating the company which offers everyone the possibility to realize their dreams, fulfill their expectations and aspirations, which supports the local society and culture and finally which protects the environment we all live in, is the overriding concern.


17 February 2021

Czas pandemii to również trudny okres dla hospicjów dlatego wsparliśmy krakowskie hospicjum im. św. Łazarza kwotą 30.000 zł.

Zachęcamy do wysłuchania audycji w Radiu Kraków poświęconej pomocy hospicjum z udziałem p. Andrzeja Tombińskiego Prezesa RE-Bau oraz prof. Stanisława Mazura rektora Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego

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